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Par for the Course: The Joys of Living in a Residential Golf Community

Par for the Course:
The Joys of Living in a 
Residential Golf Community

People living in a golf community have the opportunity to play their favorite sport, but they also live in a wonderful, community atmosphere with others who have the same interests.

Golf, of course, isn’t the only reason they choose a golf course community. They’re usually entering a new phase of their lives and want a stress-free or hassle-free environment, surrounded by well-maintained landscapes and state-of-the-art building designs. Golf communities also offer privacy for home owners along with the prestige of private club options.

Here are seven perks of living in a golf community:

1. Easy access to a golf course — It may only take a few minutes to get to the course for many people living in a golf community. This allows for more time to practice and play the game, Robert Lee points out in Golfweek. Some homeowners even have their own golf carts to drive to the course.

​2. Beautiful views — Many golf communities have homes situated to enjoy the wonderful manicured golf courses and being part of an upscale community. People considering a home near a golf course can take advantage of developers who build the homes far enough away from the greens to avoid wayward shots that could hit a house, but close enough to enjoy the environment.

3. Amenities — Swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers are often included with golf course communities, notes Brandon Olafsson in There might be restaurants and bars or planned events in the clubhouse to enjoy activities with new friends and neighbors.

4. Like-minded neighbors — Age restrictions often allow only people who are age 55 and over. Residents can relax and have fun with neighbors in their age range. You can meet new acquaintances on the golf course who are also your neighbors.

5. Resale value — Homes in golf communities usually stay high valued and sought after if people decide to put them on the market. The beautiful views, amenities, and community atmosphere make the homes attractive to potential buyers.

6. Wildlife — Many golf community homes are ideal for nature lovers, explains the Concession Real Estate in Bradenton, Florida. The lakes and woods may attract a wide array of animals, such as birds, deer, and foxes.

​7. Luxurious homes — Residents can expect a comfortable lifestyle when choosing a house in many golf communities, according to Mediterra in Naples, Florida. Prospective buyers have many communities to choose from and find the right floor plans or living quarters for their needs.

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