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10 Trends in Residential Construction to Watch for in 2018

January 3, 2018 | Paradise Homes on Deer Island

Tavares, FL - Everyone has an image in their head, or on their vision board for that matter, of their dream home. It may just be a big picture, obtuse idea or it could be planned down to the most finite detail.

The best part about building a custom home is the ability to choose all the finishes and make your home a true reflection of you and your family.

Houzz - a website that offers products, ideas, and the names of contractors for building, remodeling and decoration projects - released the 10 home design trends they expect to see more frequently in 2018. The list was compiled from the input of Houzz users and home professionals in a variety of fields.

Here are the 10 Trends to Watch for in Residential Construction this year:

  1. More Color in Kitchens
White kitchens are still incredibly fashionable and in demand, but Houzz predicts that more and more home owners will choose to personalize their spaces by adding colors to their kitchen. This trend will warm up spaces while making cooking-related stains and damage less apparent. A win-win.
  1. Color Throughout Homes
Color is the ultimate personalization in any home and in 2018 we can expect to see more use of color. Rich, vibrant colors feel sumptuous and plush. They can make furniture and decor items pop. Bold colors like red can bring energy to a space. Neutrals will even become more colorful in 2018. Soft pastels in a variety of colors evoke a calming feel. Continue to follow our blog and watch for an article coming soon about 2018 color trends.
  1. Including the Kitchen Sink
Houzz expects sinks made from materials like stone, concrete, granite, copper, and more to replace stainless steel and white porcelain sinks in 2018.
  1. Bathroom Sinks Too
Trough sinks tend to be wider and deeper than the pedestal and bowl sinks that have been popular up to now. Trough sinks are a great choice for bathrooms shared by children.
  1. Vintage Lighting
Aged copper pendants, recycled materials, Edison-style bulbs are all making an appearance in the trends for lighting in 2018. These are not radical shifts from what we have seen in recent years, but they will continue to move from industrial style to softer uses of vintage materials.
  1. Concrete Shows Up Everywhere
From furniture to decorative accents, concrete is showing up in every room of the house. It is a common building material, but more and more homeowners are choosing to make it a key element of the design of their homes.
  1. Millwork Walls and Shiplap
Wooden millwork has been popular in kitchens and bathrooms for a while but this trend will continue to grow in popularity in 2018. Expect to see feature walls in bedrooms and living spaces more and more this year.
  1. Big, Beautiful Florals
Floral patterns are timeless, but the key to floral prints in 2018 is bold, contrasting colors. Thanks to the vibrant tropical prints that became so popular in 2017, bigger is better in floral prints.
  1. Wallpaper Tiles
We were all blown away when wood-look tiles appeared on the scene and this year will not disappoint in the world of tiles. This year, expect to see more intricate designs that resemble wallpaper. Easy to clean, these wallpaper-esque tiles make a great backsplash or feature wall in a bathroom. 
  1. Minimalist Master Bedrooms
Master bedrooms are a space to relax and sleep. More and more homeowners will be choosing neutral colors in their bedroom with limited furnishings to reduce the clutter in the space that is supposed to bring calm and serenity.
Thinking about building your dream home in 2018? Want to bring some of these elements to your home decor? Contact us for a consultation today!

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